Crestone Capital Advisors, LLC, through its registered affiliates, offers a unique blend of global investing expertise and comprehensive service for ultra high net worth individuals and families.

Sophisticated Approach to Investing
Crestone employs an investing strategy similar to endowments like Yale, Harvard and Stanford. This has helped our clients not only protect and grow their wealth, but also reduce the impact of the recent public equity and bond market volatility.

Access to Top-Tier Global Managers
Superior investment managers do exist, but they’re not easy to find or access. While other firms may be limited by size or scope, Crestone’s experience and proven approach provides our clients entrée to high quality global investing opportunities.

Unbiased Advocate
As an independent firm, we sit on the same side of the table as our clients, representing their best interests across both investment and family wealth planning decisions. Our 6:1 client-to-advisor ratio ensures our clients receive personalized, professional attention.


Finding Meaning in Money provides an engaging day of TEDx speakers, best-selling authors, and University of Colorado alum Jeremy Bloom, an Olympic-skier-turned-philanthropist.

From macroeconomics to neurobiology, Crestone offered clients a day filled with insight and entertainment.