Crestone Capital Advisors, LLC, through its registered affiliates, offers a unique blend of global investing expertise and comprehensive service for ultra high net worth individuals and families.

Sophisticated Approach to Investing
Crestone employs an investing strategy similar to endowments like Yale, Harvard and Stanford. This has helped our clients not only protect and grow their wealth, but also reduce the impact of the recent public equity and bond market volatility.

Access to Top-Tier Global Managers
Superior investment managers do exist, but they’re not easy to find or access. While other firms may be limited by size or scope, Crestone’s experience and proven approach provides our clients entrée to high quality global investing opportunities.

Unbiased Advocate
As an independent firm, we sit on the same side of the table as our clients, representing their best interests across both investment and family wealth planning decisions. Our 6:1 client-to-advisor ratio ensures our clients receive personalized, professional attention.


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Peter Thiel, billionaire entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and Chris Sacca, well-known investor who has backed Twitter and Uber, offer a wide-ranging look at the state of the technology world at the DealBook conference.

Crestone held its annual Finding Meaning in Money Conference at The Ritz-Carlton in the heart of downtown Denver.  This year’s speakers featured Blake Mycoskie, Founder and Chief Shoe Giver, TOMS Shoes; Dr. Meg Jay, Author and Psychologist; Paul Sullivan, Author and New York Times Columnist; and a dynamic Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Panel discussion.


Crestone's Healthcare Forum brings together leading entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and scientists in a networking-friendly atmosphere.  Guests enjoyed a powerful line up of speakers including Marvin Caruthers, Founder of AMGEN; Bill Slattery, Partner of Deerfield Management Company; and Russ Lindemann, Founder of JustRight Surgical.


Crestone's dynamic group of speakers offer useful insight into a wide range of topics – the US energy renaissance, economic prosperity and sustainability, central bank policy and its effects on the economy, and emerging consumer technology companies.